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Lyndhurst Infant School

Lyndhurst Infant School

Key Stage 1 (Years 1&2)

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Click here to read the KS1 Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Key Stage 1

We currently have 7 mixed Year 1 and 2 classes. This is an overview of the main areas of learning for this academic year. In addition to what is written here, the children will also be continually learning English, Maths, Science, Phonics, ICT, Music, Art, DT, PE, PSCHE and RE. The children will be having external coaches in to teach them sports  as part of our PE curriculum and will have the opportunity to learn to play the ocarina as part of their music studies.

Autumn 2019 - Toy Story

We begin our Learning Journey this year with a two week block on Learning To Learn. we teach the children the skills that they need to use to be responsible members of the class. These include our expectations of how to look after our resources, how to present their work, how to work in small groups and listen to the ideas of others as well as the value of making mistakes and persevering with tasks which reflects our 'We Can' value.

As part of Learning To Learn, the children have enjoyed story-telling and drama workshops, exploring expectations in listening, participation and working in small groups.


Our main topic this term is Toy Story where the children are finding out about toys old and new. We will develop their historical understanding of the changes in toys over time and we set up our own Lyndhurst Toy Museum! Many parents, Grandparents and staff kindly lent us their old toys to exhibit in the museum.


We were also fortunate enough to have a visit from BAFTA wining author and illustrator Jane Hissey this term! She writes the Old Bear series of stories, with a range of lovable toy characters and brought in the actual toys that she uses for her illustrations and shared her story writing secrets with the children. 





    Spring Term 2020 - What Makes A Superhero?

Our topic for the spring term has been 'What Makes A Superhero?' We had messages from Metal Man in which he gave us a challenge to become a Superhero ourselves and we discovered a secret about the adults in school! Metal man also gave us directions to his secret lair which we had to follow before writing our own directions. All children wrote character descriptions of their own Superhero character and later in the term we wrote our own Superhero stories.



Spelling is a major part of the expectations of the English curriculum, and there are national lists of words that your child is expected top be able to read and spell at different stages of their education.. 

Click here to see the words that your child should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 1. 

Click here to see the words that your child should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2.

Year 1 Phonic screener

In June, all Year 1 children have to take the National phonic screener check. This is an assessment that checks their phonic knowledge by reading a range of real and alien words. Any children that do not reach the pass mark threshold have to re-sit the test in Year 2. All results will be reported to parents. If you require any further information about this check, please see Mrs Halley.

Year 2 SAT’s

In addition to all the exciting learning we have planned for the children over the year, the Year 2 children will be doing their SAT tests during the first half of the summer term as they near the end of Key Stage 1. These are national tests and we are required to administer them to all Year 2 pupils. They will take the form of reading comprehension tests, maths papers and tests on spelling, punctuation and grammar. The government have reviewed and changed the SAT tests for Year 2 in line with the requirements of the new National Curriculum. There will be a meeting held in the school hall for parents to give you further information during January and a leaflet will be sent home to all Year 2 parents. If you require more information please see Mrs Halley.