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Lyndhurst Infant School

Lyndhurst Infant School

Teaching Staff

Mrs South - Head Teacher

Mrs South is our Head Teacher. She likes wearing red or purple. She gives out Lyndhurst Champion certificates every Friday to the children who have tried their best.

Likes – Reading, walking along the beach, holidays, shopping, well behaved children and fish and chips!

Dislikes – Banana flavoured things, anything messy or untidy and people who don't say "please" or "thank you".

Mrs Davy - Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Davy is our Deputy Head Teacher. She usually leads our values assemblies and enjoys choosing children to help her! She is very proud of all the children and staff at our friendly, happy school.

Likes – Horse riding, moto gp, films, travelling abroad, dogs and cheese!

Dislikes – Daddy long legs and dark mornings.

Mrs Halley - Deputy Head & KS1 Team Leader

Mrs Halley has worked at our school for a long time. She is our Deputy Head and our KS1 Team Leader as well as being Maths coordinator.  She enjoys teaching maths and likes to see polite, considerate children around our school.

Likes – Big cups of tea, smarties and maths.

Dislikes – Bad manners and sprouts!

Mrs Eales - Panther Class

Mrs Eales teaches in Panther class and is our Beach and Forest Schools Co-ordinator. 

Likes – Relaxing on the beach, shopping and eating lots of yummy Thai and Italian food.

Dislikes – Chocolate and getting up early on the weekends!

Mrs Rolfe - Turtle Class

Mrs Rolfe teaches in Turtle class in Reception. She also helps to organise the children's parade.

Likes – Sunshine, shopping and walking her dog.

Dislikes – Frogs, cotton wool and rushing around.

Mrs Welsted - Early Years

Mrs Welsted is a teacher in Early Years. She is currently enjoying maternity leave.

Likes – Dogs, monkeys, Zumba, Disney Films and going on holiday.

Dislikes – Scary films, roller coasters, spiders and spicy food.

Miss Dawkins - Seahorse Class

Miss Dawkins teaches in Seahorse class in Reception.

Likes – Cinema, cats, polar bears, reading and shopping.

Dislikes – Rudeness and bad manners.

Mrs Bray - Parrot Class

Mrs Bray teaches for 3 days in Parrot class in KS1.

Likes – Running, fireworks, pink things and reading a good book.

Dislikes – Heights, rudeness and spiders

Mrs Holland - Parrot Class & EAL Co-ordinator

Mrs Holland teaches for 2 days in Parrot class in KS1 and is our EAL coordinator.

Likes – Strictly Come Dancing, going out and seeing friends and chatting a lot.

Dislikes – People who don't smile, dirty sugar and getting up early!

Mrs Esser - Tree frog Class

Mrs Esser teaches in Tree frog class.

Likes – Cooking, Topshop, art and her cat Boris.

Dislikes – Getting up early and slugs

Miss Lawrence - Leopard Class 

Miss Lawrence teaches in Leopard class

Likes –  Reading, cooking, pangolins, music, going to teh theatre and spending time with friends and family.

Dislikes –  Dripping taps, rude people and traffic.

Mrs Benge - KS1

Mrs Benge is a teacher in KS1. She is currently enjoying maternity leave.

Likes –  Cooking, dancing, reading, spending time with friends and family and her cat Tommy!

Dislikes –  Spiders, traffic and getting up early on the weekend.

Mr Johnson - Lemur Class

Mr Johnson teaches Lemur class in KS1 and is our very own bee keeper!

Likes - Hedgehogs, books, sunshine, cycling and cheese

Dislikes - Slugs, bad manners and mushrooms.

Mr Cannon - Jaguar Class

Mr Cannon is the teacher in Jaguar class in KS1 and he is very proud to be working at such a lovely school.

Likes –  Good manners, laughter, spending time with his family, reading, riding his bike, listening to funky records and Charlton Athletic.

Dislikes –  Unkindness, snakes and traffic jams.

Miss Twigger-Taylor - Starfish Class

Mrs Twigger-Taylor teaches in Starfish Class in Reception.

Likes –  Giraffes, Disney, going to the cinema and the beach.

Dislikes –  Spiders, being late and rudeness.

Mrs Ellwood - Panther Class

Mrs Ellwood teaches in Panther class KS1 for 2.5 days..

Likes – Painting and drawing, sunny holidays and chocolate cake.

Dislikes – Getting up in the morning and tidying up!

Miss Dingwall - Toucan Class

Miss Dingwall teaches in Toucan class KS1.

Likes – Anything Disney, Chocolate and relaxing in the sunshine.

Dislikes – Spiders, being late and being woken up!

Mrs Howlin - Tree frog Class

Mrs Howlin is the teacher in Tree frog class KS1.

Likes – Singing, swimming and making cakes.

Dislikes – Rude people and smelly feet!

Mrs Rix - SEN Teacher

Mrs Rix is SEN Teacher. She ensures all the children at Lyndhurst Infant School are happy and enjoy learning.

Likes – Spiders, swimming, reading and walking along the seafront.

Dislikes – Nuts and cold weather.

Mrs Wedgwood - SSC

Mrs Wedgwood is the Teacher in charge of the Special Support Centre (SSC).

Likes – Polite and kind children, going for walks and sparkly things.

Dislikes – Spiders and mess.