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Lyndhurst Infant School

Lyndhurst Infant School

Sports Funding 2016

Lyndhurst Infant School has a silver "Quality Start" recognition award! This award is given to schools that meet a criteria of children participating in two hours of PE a week and at least 20% of children taking part in after school clubs. Lyndhurst had 49% of children taking part in after school sports clubs at the end of Summer 2016.  We now have 74% of children taking part in sports after school! 

We also promote healthy active lifestyle and take part in locality sports competitions.


Last year we were awarded a Bronze School games mark! 

The Government has provided us with £9025 in additional funding to improve the provision of physical education (P.E) and sports in primary school. 

Click here to see our plans and how we will evidence the impact of our spending. 

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but we have the freedom to choose how to do this. 

Our current P.E provision provides children with two sessions (2 hours) of taught physical education lessons per week – one indoor and one outdoor.  The Indoor sessions currently follow the Activ8 scheme of work to ensure coverage, progression and extension for higher attaining children.    

All classes have the opportunity to work with external sports coaches, enabling the children to try a range of sport and game activities to broaden their experiences and skills. This initiative will not only develop the children’s skills but also provide professional development for the teachers in these classes through part team teaching.  We will measure the impact of this initiative on the children’s learning and progress, and collect a variety of qualitative and quantitative evidence. This year the Lyndhurst Leaders asked their class about which activities they most enjoyed last year and what they would like to do in 2016-2017. We used this feedback to plan the spending of the Sport Premium.

This year external coaches will be providing lessons in the following;

  • Team building/football skills
  • Multiskills
  • Gymnastics
  • Tag Rugby 
  • Athletics
  • Dance

In the Autumn term all classes practised skipping in preparation for our British Heart Foundation fundraising skipathon on Wednesday 19th October.  This fundraising event raised £765.68 for the BHF and £191.42 for Sport equipment for our school.  This money has already been spent on providing new basketballs, balls, and other resources for lunchtime play. 

The feedback from the Autumn 1st half term sports coaching team building/football skills with Chelsea coaches has been extremely positive.  The children said, "It's helped us work together", "If you want to win, don't argue", "I got better at dribbling", "Don't fuss and listen to each other", "I learnt to work as a team and keep a football in the middle", and "We learnt to talk to each other".  

The teachers said, "Lots of great ideas for helping children work together and make decisions as a group", "A really brilliant series of sessions to have had at the start of the school year", "Good progression of team building skills, modelled with expert subject knowledge" "It has helped to develop leadership skills and boosted the self-confidence of some children".  

Foxes class will continue working on team building/ football skills for the 2nd half of the Autumn term.

Dom (from Chelsea) has worked with 16 boys from Year 1 (Action group) , in the 1st half of the Autumn term to boost team building skills and model reading.  He will work with them again in the 1st half of the Summer term.  The feedback from the children has been amazing.  They are seeing Dom as a role model in Sport and reading, and the impact on their reading will be measured in the Summer term.    


In the second half of the Autumn term, year 2 children received Gymnastics coaching from the head coach at Worthing Gym club.  The feedback from this has been extremely positive and the children have made amazing progress.  


Click here to read some of the evaluations and pupil voice

In the Spring term, Year 1 received their Gymnastics coaching.  The teachers found this an extremely useful block of work to enhance their Gymnastics teaching.


Year R have spent the Spring term working with the Chelsea coaching team on multi skills.  The teachers evaluated this block of work saying, "It has been good for the children to learn new skills and take them out of their comfort zone."  "Their ball skills improved - bouncing, catching, dribbling and throwing".  "It has helped the children work as part of a team and improved their listening skills". 

The children really enjoyed the sessions saying, "I learnt to throw my bean bag" "You get to do exciting things" "My running has got better". "I can do it, I got it!"

Locality Events

We are using some of our Sports Premium this year to pay for the Chelsea Coaching team to train our children prior to enter competitions and Kerry Smith to train the children for "Dance time".  All Year 1 & 2 children have the opportunity of being part of these free after school clubs.

This academic year (2016-2017) we will be entering the following locality events and competitions: 

  • Year 1/2 Olympic/Paralympic festival 
  • Year 1/2 Gymnastics competition
  • Year 1 Indoor athletics 
  • Year 2 Indoor athletics 
  • Time to Dance at Worthing Pavilion theatre
  • NAK festival 
  • Year 1 football
  • Year 2 football 
  • Year 1 athletics
  • Year 2 athletics
  • KS1 Inclusion festival 

We will also be competing against Springfield Infant school at the Chesswood Mini Olympics.  Chesswood Junior School will kindly be hosting our Year 2 Sports day again this year.  

So far this year...

The children took part in Olympic/Paralympic sports.


And the Gymnastics competition.  For the first time we took TWO teams! The children were brilliant, the girls came 8th and the boys came 6th.  


The Athletics competition took place at Durrington High School.  We entered a Year 1 and 2 boys team, and a Year 2 girls team.  We have some children who can run very fast and one child threw the furthest chest pass!  The Year 2 boys team came 2nd overall! Well done everyone, fantastic behaviour and great competitive spirit.  


Our "Dance Time" squad are busy preparing for their performance on the 21st March...

Our Year 1/2 Football team made it to the semi-finals! Well done Lyndhurst!

Forest schools and Beach schools

We provide outdoor learning opportunities with our Forest school and Beach school activities.  Our children have the opportunity to take part in forest schools in our school grounds and beach schools at Worthing beach.   


We have members of staff who are trained in delivering Beach school sessions and we regularly provide opportunities for the children to visit the beach. These sessions are sometimes for whole classes and sometimes for certain children. We feel it is important for children to experience the beach all year round and take them there during the winter as well as in the summer months.



All Year groups visit the beach and we regularly have the Sussex Wildlife Trust in to teach children about the classification of beach wildlife and plants and how to be respectful of the environment.

Jump Start Jonny

In November 2014 we began using Jump Start Jonny daily in school. This is a website of exercise routines to popular music, with heart pumping and cool down routines designed to be used in the classroom. The children are thoroughly enjoying this and so we arranged another personal visit from Jonny in January 2016 to kick start a healthy and active new year!  Jump Start Jonny opened our school fayre this year!

The children can now access Jonny's routines from home and get the whole family joining in!


After School clubs

We have a range of after school clubs led by qualified sports coaches which provide opportunities for the following activities: 

Football (Chelsea Football in the community) x2 clubs 

Bee-fit (Bee fit) x2 clubs 

Dance (Solitaire School of Dance)

Karate (Sama Karate organisation)

The amount of children attending our after school clubs has increased in the past 2 years and Football and Bee-fit now run two club in order to accommodate everyone! We currently have a waiting list for both dance and football.

We have also funded places on these clubs in order to encourage certain children to develop a healthy lifestyle.