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Lyndhurst Infant School

Lyndhurst Infant School

Keep Fit Daily Challenge

It is important to keep fit and active. Below there will be a daily challenge to keep you moving..... Challenge others in your house to join in!

Don't forget to check out daily at 9am for workouts especially for children! Image result for muscle emoji

Join in with Kerry from Wannado street dance:

Daily Challenges for you to try:

Day Activity EYFS/KS1  Challenge

Pulse raisers

How many of these exercises can you do in 10/20/30/40 seconds? (you choose)

E.G running on the spot, jumping jacks  , marching on the spot, fast feet on the spot, climb the rigging, hops, squats, high knees.

Which exercise did you find the easiest? Hardest?

Can you perform these exercises for a longer time up to 40 seconds? (you will need to rest in between)

Can you think of your own pulse raiser challenge?  



Lay out 5 objects (e.g. socks) about a metre apart in a straight line.

Run in and out of the objects and then back to the start as quickly as you can.  

Can you run in and out as quickly as you can and then back again?

Can you add other movements? Jumping, hopping, skipping etc

Can you time yourself beat your time?

Can you change the distance between the socks to make it easier or harder?

Can you put other objects in your line that you can safely jump over (a pillow), go under (a chair)

Can you create your very own obstacle course?



Can you hold a balance for at least 3 seconds?

Try balancing:

On your stomach, back, shoulders?

2 hands 1 foot?

1 hand, 1 foot?

In a wide/narrow shape?

What other body parts can you balance on? What shapes can you make?

Can you hold the balance for longer?

Can you create a balance with a partner?

Can you safely balance on or against something?


Can you complete these coordination challenges?

Can you tap your head and rub your stomach at the same time?

Hop on your right /left leg?  How many hops can you do?

Can you do the hop scotch?

Can you perform it quicker?

With smaller steps? Can you lead going to the right and then the left?

Can you create your own footwork pattern? 

Using a skipping rope

Set of children skipping - Download Free Vectors, Clipart Graphics ...

Lay the skipping rope/dressing gown tie/ tie on the ground in a straight line.

How many can you do in 10 seconds? Can you beat your score?

Can you change the shape of the rope and make some new patterns?

If you haven’t got a rope you can always use a line/pattern on the floor.


Can you jump over it forwards and backwards? Side to side?


Skip using different foot patterns e.g. hopping


Jump and turn the rope twice underneath you before landing?

Using a ball / bean bag /scrunched up socks!

Can you throw and catch your object to yourself?

 How high can you throw it and still catch it?

Can you toss it from one hand to the other?

Can you throw the object into a bucket/bowl? Empty Ice-cream container

Can you pass it from one foot to the other?

Can you pass it around your waist?

Can you throw the object in the air clap your hands and catch it again?

How many times can you clap your hands and successfully catch it?

Can you throw the object up in the air turn around and catch it?

How many catches can you make without dropping it?

Can you throw and catch and move at the same time?


Can you create a game?
7 Mini Game - using your ball/bean bag/ scrunched up socks!

Can you throw and catch the ball to yourself 3 times.

Run to a spot and back

Throw the object towards/into a target –empty box, bin, ice-cream container

Start again.


Throw and catch the object 3 times with somebody at home and then try to score a point by aiming the object to touch them.

Can you create your own game?

8 Dance 

Can you create your own dance to one of your favourite songs? 

Can you include a start and finish position?

Is you dance going to have a theme? E.g. animals, favourite book or film.

Are you going to have any repeating moves?


Look at Jump Start Jonny's or Wannado Dance websites if you need some inspiration.

Can you give your dance a name? 

Can you design a costume for your dance? 

9 Plan and do your own Joe Wicks style work out!

What exercises will you include? Squats? Star jumps? High knees? Jog on the spot? Knee pull downs? 

Can you do each exercise for 30 seconds? 

Don't forget to plan in your rests too!

Can you do the exercise for 40 seconds at a time? 

Feel your heart beat before you start and when you've finished. Is it different? 


10 Obstacle Challenge!

Using items around your home/garden can you create your own obstacle course? 

Can you include things to go over/under/round/across?

Items you could use:

cushions, boxes, pots, toys, chairs, card, skipping rope, blankets etc

Please check with your adult first! 

How could you make it more challenging? 

How quickly can you complete your course? Can you beat your time?

11 Acting Wild!

How can you use your body to move/act like a animal?

What animal are you going to be? 

Can you hop like a frog? Can you slither like a snake? Can you pounce like a lion? 

Can someone in your family guess what animal you are showing? 

How many different animals can you act like? 

12 Skittles/Bowling

Using empty drink or milk bottles or kitchen/toilet roll tubes, create your own bowling alley.

Homemade Bowling Alley | Recycling Games | Bowling | Bowling Games

Toilet Paper Roll Projects –

How many can you knock down? 

Can you move the pins closer/further away? 

Can you keep track of your top score? 

Can you have a competition with someone you live with? 

Have fun!

13 Hopscotch

Create you own hopscotch using chalks or tape. 

playground ; idea ; marking ; hopscotch | Preschool playground ...

How quickly can you do it? 

Create you own original hopscotch and challenge yourself.

20 Amazing Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Learning (and Fun) | Teach Starter

Could you do some maths at the same time? 


You could practise reading some key words? 


Could you add some actions to your hopscotch?

14 Yoga

Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga:

They have different themed videos such as:

Space, Sleeping Beauty, Pokemon, Trolls and Star Wars!

Which video did you enjoy the most?

Were any of the poses the same as the ones we have done in school? 

What was your favourite pose? 

15 Be outside!

Use your daily exercise to go out with your family on a walk, a bike ride or ride your scooter.

If you have a garden, can you set up a course for your bike or scooter? 

Enjoy the sunshine! :) 


Did you spot any rainbow pictures whilst you were out? 

What wildlife did you see? 

Can you name any plants and flowers that you see whilst you are out? 16

16 Dance Party

Pick some of your favourite songs to dance to. Have fun playing dance games like:

Musical statues: When the music stops you have to freeze. 


Musical bumps: When the music stops you have to sit down. 

Remember to keep dancing for the whole song!

What new moves can you come up with? 

How still can you stand? 

Is it harder with slow songs or fast songs? 

Can you come up with your own dancing game? 

17 Follow the Leader

One person to be the leader and decide what move/action to do.

E.g. Squats, lunges, jumping jacks, jog on the spot, side step, hopping, high knees etc 

Can the person following keep up with the leader? 

The leader demonstrates an action/movement. When they change the other person has to do the previous move.

Can you remember the moves?

For example: 

The leader starts by running on the spot then changes to squats. The person following then runs on the spot.

The leader changes to lunges, the person following squats. 

18 Balloon Tennis

Get hold of a balloon or a pair of scrunched up socks. 

Can you keep it off the floor using your hands? 

How many times can you hit it before it falls?

Can you hit it back and forth between a partner?

What is your top score?

Paper Plate Tennis

You could even make your own racket from paper plates if you want? 

19 Learn to Juggle

Can you begin with one ball?

How about two balls? Remember throw, throw, catch catch.

If you haven’t got any balls you can use at home, try with some scrunched up socks.

Check out this video to help you:

Can you have a go with three balls?!

How quickly can you juggle? 

20 Change 4 Life Challenges 

Check out the different activities on the change 4 life website:

There's Frozen, Toy Story, The Incredibles and many more to choose from!

Which one is your favourite? 

Can you create your own themed game? 

21 Treasure Hunt

When you are out for you daily exercise either walking, on your scooter or riding your bike. Can you spot these things?

  • A postbox
  • A cuddly toy
  • A 3 digit number
  • A rainbow drawing or piece of artwork. 
  • An animal (could be a bird, cat, dog, bumblebee)
  • Something that is the colour blue.
  • Something beginning with the letter 'L'

Good luck on your hunt!

Can you give the adult your with a challenge to find something too? 
22 Standing Long Jump

Place a starting marker on the floor. Stand on 2 feet, bend your knees, swing your arms and JUMP! 

How far can you jump? 

Remember to bend your knees when you land too. 

Check out attachment at the bottom for some tips.


Can you measure how far you jump?

Can you beat your top jump? 

23 Horizontal Climbing Challenge

Don't worry this is climbing you can do in your own home!

Check out the video for how to set it up: 

You could always draw round your own hands and feet with chalk outside or you could draw round them on paper and cut them out. 

Have fun!

Time yourself, how quickly can you complete it? 

Can you add obstacles to make it more challenging?

You could set up two courses and have a race with someone you live with. 

24 Bubble Madness!

Get some bubble mixture or make you own. 

*You can find instructions to make your own bubble mixture online.*

Blow the bubbles and see if you can pop all of them before they touch the ground. 

Giant Bubbles Popping in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

Challenge someone you live with to have a bubble popping competition with you. 

How many bubbles can you pop in 30 seconds?

25 Football Skills

Grab yourself a football, some cones or objects that you can place on the floor. 

Can you dribble round the objects? How can quickly can you do? Can you use both feet? 

4 Drills to Improve Soccer Dribbling | ACTIVEkids

Other activities you could do: 

Set up at goal and see how many goals you can score. 

Practise passing the ball to someone.

26 Quick Reactions

How quick are your reactions?

Set out some numbers or words like in the video below:

You could do this inside with paper or outside with chalk. 

How many numbers/words can you tap in 30 seconds? 

Challenge someone you live with to see who can tap the numbers the quickest. 

You could use 2 digit numbers and practise reading numbers up to 100. 


27 Ladder Run Challenges

Create your own ladder at home using tape, chalk or twigs if outside. 

Activities you can try:

  • Walk or run between the gaps in the ladder.
  • Jump or hop between the gaps.
  • Change direction of movements e.g jumping sideways.
  • Only step in alternate gaps
  • Crawl across your ladder using hands and feet

Top 6 Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Kids - Super Healthy Kids

How quick can you complete you ladder?

Can you beat your time?

Can you create your own way to travel along your ladder?

28 Noughts and Crosses

Create a 3 x 3 noughts and crosses grid either outside or inside. 

Choose 2 items that can be your noughts and crosses. (you need 5 of each) You could use socks, shoes, books anything you can find in your home. 

Put all your objects a few metres away from your noughts and crosses grid. Each player chooses their object. 

When you say 'Go!' one players race and put one item at a time inside one of the free spaces in the noughts and crosses grid.

• The first player to get 3 in a row are the winners.


Think Tactically:

If you can not win a game, how can you prevent your opponent from winning?

Can you plan where you are going to place your item before you run?

29 Speed Bounce

Create a speed bounce area in your home/garden

Speed Bounce - Athletics Direct

You can use a skipping rope, socks, cushions etc 

Stand sideways and jump 2 feet to 2 feet over your barrier in the middle. 

How many can you do in 30 seconds? 

Can you beat your score? 

Your barrier in the middle can be flat on the floor to make it easier. 

You can raise your barrier to make it harder. 


ABC fun!

Can you use your body to make the letters of the alphabet?

Can take photos to spell out your name?

What other words can you do?

Body alphabet (met afbeeldingen) | Yoga voor kinderen, Letteren ...

Can you make numbers too?

Plank Challenge

Can you hold a plank?

Can you hold a plank for 30 seconds?

Can you hold a plank for 1 minute?

7 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Plank Every Day

Can you raise from your arms onto your hands?

Can you tap your feet whilst holding a plank?


Save the Treasure!


2 objects you can use to move across the floor/ground (cushions)

Treasure objects: socks and shoes


Decide a starting point and spread your treasure (shoes and socks) around the space.

Using two objects can you move without touching the floor, picking up the treasure and returning it to your starting point?

 • If you touch the floor you must drop the treasure and start again.

Remember to check with your adults what objects you use first!

• Create a scoring system so that shoe = 1 point and socks = 2 points. How many points can you score?

Burpee Challenge

How to do a Burpee:

  • Start from a standing position.
  • Then squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you.
  • Quickly kick both feet out behind you so you are in a plank position,
  • Next, bring your legs forward to go into a squatting position again, and jump up.

Burpees – The Perfect Exercise | Rise To It


How many can you do in 30 seconds?

1 minute?

Can you beat your score?



Have a game of Boccia with someone in your family.


Marker or target

Each player needs 3 balls or socks.

Active Norfolk - Special Olympics Boccia - Disability Sport

See attachment a bottom of page for more information.

How close can you get to the target? 

Can you knock your opponent out of the way?


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