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Support Staff

Mrs Huntingford is our IT Systems Manager. She makes sure that all of our computers and IT equipment work properly and enjoys buying new IT equipment for us to use and learn.

Likes – The sunshine, good manners, music,  friends and family time.

Dislikes – Noisey eating especially
chewing gum, scratchy labels in clothes, suspension
bridges and cheesy sales people.


Mrs Courtnadge is our Business Manager. She looks after the budget so that there is enough money for the Head Teacher to buy
resources for the children. Mrs Courtnadge used to go to
Lyndhurst First School when she was a little girl and
always wanted to come back to work for the school
that she loved as a child.

Likes – Lots and lots of things including spending time with her family, warm sunny days by the sea, dancing and chocolate.

Dislikes – Getting out of bed on cold winter mornings,
hot spicy food and spiders.


Mrs Marchant is our Office Assistant. She pays all the bills and places orders for all the things that the school needs. She also counts up the money that comes into the school and pays it into the bank.

Likes – Singing, loud music, wild animals making cakes and pizza.

Dislikes – Creepy-crawlies, the rain, cucumber and grumpiness!


Mrs May is our Admin Support Assistant. She helps with Mrs Rix, our SENCO's with her appointments and
types letters and reports. She deals with children's
attendance and produces the newsletter.

Likes – Riding her bike, going for walks, shows at the theatre.

Dislikes – Rainy weather.


Mrs Choudhury is our receptionist and sets up clubs.

Likes – Chocolates, music, peace and quiet (sometimes) and shopping.

Dislikes – Small creatures and mess.




Mrs Hebburn is our Cleaning Supervisor and she makes sure that our school is clean and safe.


Mr Johnston is our Premises Officer

Likes  Rugby, dancing, motor racing and DIY

Dislikes Celery, tomatoes, period dramas. 


Mr Williams has come back to work as a cleaner and helps to ensure our school is clean and safe.


Ms Tester is our Midday Meals Supervisor

Likes - Barbecues down the beach, cats, sunshine and pizza

Dislikes - Spiders and rude people