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Sports Funding 2014


The Government has provided us with £9365 in additional funding to improve the provision of physical education (P.E) and sports in primary school. 

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Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but we have the freedom to choose how to do this. 

Our current P.E provision provides children with two sessions (2 hours) of taught physical education lessons per week – one indoor and one outdoor.  These currently follow the Val Sabin scheme of work to ensure coverage, progression and extension for more able children.    

All classes have the opportunity to work with external sports coaches, enabling the children to try a range of sport and game activities to broaden their experiences and skills. This initiative will not only develop the children’s skills but also provide professional development for the teachers in these classes through part team teaching.  We will measure the impact of this initiative on the children’s learning and progress, and collect a variety of qualitative and quantitative evidence. This year external coaches will be providing lessons in the following;

  • Dodgeball
  • Multiskills
  • Skip Trix
  • Football
  • Taster sessions of Athletics and Street Dance to decide summer term provision.

The feedback from children and staff has been positive and demonstrates an impact on the children’s ability to work together.

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Evaluation of Dodge Ball - Autumn 2014

Locality Events

In addition to this our children have the opportunity to be involved in locality competitions; In 2013 - 2014 these included:

  • Gifted and Talented gymnastics day
  • Dance Time at Worthing pavilion theatre
  • Year 3 attended Davison Sporting Festival.

This academic year (2014 – 2015) we have increased the locality events and competitions that we are entering in order to be able to provide more children with the opportunity to enter;

  • Run The World
  • Year 1/2 Gymnastics competition
  • Year 3 Gymnastics competition
  • Year 3 indoor athletics
  • Year 2 indoor athletics
  • Dance Time at Worthing Pavilion theatre
  • Year 2 football
  • Year 3 Road to Eastbourne (tennis skills)
  • Year 3 mini tennis

So far we have achieved great success at the Year1/2 Gymnastics competition where the boys came 2nd !


The girls came 3rd in the Year 3 Gymnastics Competition 2015, the boys came 6th giving an overall 5th position!


Forest schools and Beach schools

We provide outdoor learning opportunities with our Forest school and Beach school activities.  Our Year 3 children have the opportunity to attend our residential visit to Lodge Hill where they take part in various outdoor activities including orienteering and shelter building. 


We have members of staff who are trained in delivering Beach school sessions and we regularly provide opportunities for the children to visit the beach. These sessions are sometimes for whole classes and sometimes for certain children. We feel it is important for children to experience the beach all year round and take them there during the winter as well as in the summer months.




All Year groups visit the beach and we regularly have the Sussex Wildlife Trust in to teach children about the classification of beach wildlife and plants and how to be respectful of the environment.

Jump Start Jonny

In November 2014 we began using Jump Start Jonny daily in school. This is a website of exercise routines to popular music, with heart pumping and cool down routines designed to be able to be used in the classroom. The children are thoroughly enjoying this and so we arranged for a personal visit from Jonny in January 2015 to kick start a healthy and active new year.


After School clubs

We have a range of after school clubs led by qualified sports coaches which provide opportunities for the following activities:

Football (Chelsea Football in the community)

Bee-fit (Bee fit)

Dance (Solitaire School of Dance)

We have also funded places on these clubs in order to encourage certain children to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Dance Time 2014

Each year we enter into the Worthing Dance Time competition which is held in March at Worthing pavilion.