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School Charity

Our chosen Charity for 2014-2015 was the Blue Fin Ward at Worthing Hospital.

   " 14th July 2015 To All Children of Lyndhurst First School and their parents/carers,

May I take this opportunity to say a very ‘Big Thankyou’ to all of you who were involved in fundraising for Bluefin Ward. As you know, we were chosen to be The Lyndhurst School Charity of the year for 2014/15.

Yesterday, in a school assembly, we were presented with a cheque for the total raised. You can imagine our utter delight and amazement when we were presented with a cheque for the amount of:


This is a truly phenomenal achievement from all of you, and far exceeds our initial target of £1,500.

This means not only  will be able to go ahead and buy the oxygen saturation monitor that we had initially intended, but now we will also be able to buy 2 portable saturation monitors-this is truly outstanding!

We cannot thank all of you enough, for your generosity and kindness it is truly appreciated by all of the staff on Bluefin Ward, and of course will benefit all of our sick children and young people.

Our thanks especially to the boys and girls of Lyndhurst School, you are truly amazing, and should be so very proud of your hard work and success at raising this fantastic amount of money.

Kindest Wishes to you all

Bluefin Ward

Worthing Hospital



Our School's chosen charity for the Year 2013-2014 was Kids in Kenya.

Our target was to raise £1800 which will purchase 40 metres of windows.  Each metre costs £45.