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Your child has received a DoodleMaths login. Please activate this at home on any Ipad, Iphone, Kindle, Android phone or PC. It will provide your child with daily Maths questions targeted to their specific needs. If you need any further help with setting it up please click here.

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EY Maths target - Summer 2018 Year 1 Maths target - Summer 2018 Year 2 Maths Target - Summer 2018

Calculation Methods

Use the documents below to see the methods of calculations that we teach at Lyndhurst.

Progression In Calculation +    Progression in Calculation -
Progression In Calculation x      Progression in Division


Mathematical Vocabulary

An online dictionary that is suitable for helping children to understand any mathematical vocabulary can be found at this website: www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com


Games to Play at Home! (click on the links below to access suggested games and activities that you can do at home to support your child's learning towards these objectives)

Early Years

Count up to 10 and back again and be able to recognise the numerals 0 - 10

Count up to 20 and back again and be able to recognise the numerals 0 - 20

Count a set of 20 objects and match to the correct numerals

Solve problems involving doubling and halving

Say 1 more or 1 less than a given number

To be able to use the language of time

Year 1

To count to and across 100, forwards and backwards

To know pairs of numbers that make 10, then 20

To know all addition and subtraction facts up to 20

To count in 2's and 10's

To count in 5's

To read O'clock and half past times

Year 2

To count in 2's from 0 and in 10's from any number

To count in 3's and 5's

To know number facts to 20 and 100

To know the 2 x table and the links to doubling and halving

To know the multiplication and division facts for the 5 x table

To read the time to the nearest 5 minutes