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Lyndhurst Leaders/Eco Warriors

Lyndhurst Leaders (School Council)

The Lyndhurst Leaders are a hard working group of representatives from across each year group and class. The children have worked on a range of projects including deciding on what would make our playground more attractive, designing posters for the playground that give important messages, and being involved in purchasing new equipment to be used at play times/lunchtimes. It is their responsibility to pass on information discussed at the meetings back to their peers and carry out "back in class tasks".

Eco Warriors

We at Lyndhurst Infant School are passionate about our environment. Our children take an active role as Eco-warriors and take on the responsibility of composting fruit/vegetable peelings. We strive to switch off un-needed lights and not to waste water. Each year group has their own vegetable plots so the children can grow their own food.


Beach Clean

The Lyndhurst leaders organised a beach clean up this summer term. We found lots of rubbish including lighters, plastic bottles, a dummy, cans, rope and even a pair of keys! Once we arrived back to school we tipped out the rubbish to look at what we mostly found. Nikki from Making Waves Project discussed with the children how they different types of man made materials we found harms the enviroment.



Animal Adoption.

The Lyndhurst Leaders organised and prompted an Art competition and animal dressing up day to raise money for adopting animals from Drusilla’s.  They made posters to put around the school, took part in an assembly and helped to choose the prizes.  We raised £188! Enough for 3 animals! So Lyndhurst Leaders help to narrow down the options for the pupils to choose from.  We are very proud of our achievement as a pupil committee.

Pictured below this years Lyndhurst Leaders with Mrs Huntingford (Eco Governor) proudly show our Drusillas Adoption certificates.

Please click here to view our Eco code