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HLTA's and TA's

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bearham is one of our HLTA's. She works across the school and enjoys sharing stories with us. She has gained a degree in education and loves to learn new things!

Likes  The smell of freshly cut grass, long walks on starry nights and cuddling up with hot chocolate on cold days. People who have a good try at things.

Dislikes  Untidiness, impoliteness, fried eggs and travelling by boat.


Mrs Sturges works as one of the HLTA's covering in all classes when the teacher is busy.

Likes  Reading, walking and having coffee with my friends.

Dislikes  Lateness, rudeness, oranges and spiders.


Mrs Halford is our Family Engagement Support Officer and has all the cool toys and stickers.

Likes  Music, sandy deserts and loud clothes.

Dislikes  People who take themselves too seriously.


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Roberts is a Teaching Assistant in Reception in Turtle class.

Likes  Disney, especially Mickey Mouse and going to see musicals at the theatre. Loves eating cream.

Dislikes  Spiders, snakes, bad timekeeping and bananas.


Mrs Cramer works as a Teaching Assistant in Reception in Starfish class.

Likes - Roller coasters, running, music, the cinema and Harry Potter.

Dislikes - Waiting, liquorice allsorts and early mornings.


Mrs Slaughter is a Teaching Assistant in KS1 in Jaguar class.

Likes - To keep fit, dancing and running, anything glittery or sparkly, food and wine.

Dislikes - Bees and wasps.


Mrs Taylor works as a Teaching Assistant in KS1 in Treefrog class.

Likes - Reading, watching films, going on holiday.

Dislikes - Spiders.


Mrs Young - works as a Teaching Assistant in KS1 in Panther class.

Likes -  Reading, listening to various types of music and going on holidays.

Dislikes - Spiders and heights.

Miss Clements is a Teaching Assistant in KS1 in Toucan class.

Likes - Rollerskating, going out for meals, holidays with my children.

Dislikes - Early mornings, cold days and messy rooms.


Mrs Smithers is a Teaching Assistant in Seahorse class (EY) and Jaguars (KS1)

Likes - Walking and music.

Dislikes - Nothing!


Mrs Rennells is a Teaching Assistant in Reception in Seahorse class, she enjoys working with the children. 

Likes - Music, reading, family time and going to the theatre.

Dislikes - Spiders and rude people.


Ms Lane works as a SEN Teaching Assistant.

Likes - Reading and crocheting.

Dislikes - Rudeness.


Ms Brown is an SEN Teaching Assistant.

Likes - Photography, poetry, driving and the colour red.

Dislikes - Rain, cooked carrots, grumpy people.


Miss Chester is a Teaching Assistant in KS1 in Parrot class.

Likes - Photography, cinema, bowling, arts and crafts.

Dislikes - Spiders, early mornings and washing up.


Mrs Massey is a SEN Teaching Assistant. 

Likes - Reading, Guides, swimming, dancing and holidays.

Dislikes - Peas, beans and traffic.


Mrs McAvoy-Smith is a Teaching Assistant in Octopus class in Reception.

Likes - Cosy nights in, family walks and going out for meals.

Dislikes - People who are grumpy and untidiness

Mr Edwards is a Teaching Assistant in the SSC and looks after our library.

Likes: Fishing, Cooking, Reading, Drawing and Family days out.

Dislikes: Litter, Grumpy people and Cabbage.


Mrs Green is an Teaching Assistant in Leopard class KS1.

Likes- Reading, spending time with family and friends and shopping.

Dislikes - spiders and waiting in queues!



Mrs Field is a Teaching assistant in Reception in Starfish class.

Likes- Swimming, Dancing, cooking, music, working in the charity shop and sunshine.

Dislikes - Mess, creepy crawlies, the cold and rudeness.

Ms S Brokas - is a Teaching Assistant in our SSC.

Likes - Sunny days at the beach, camping, cake and time spent with family and friends

Dislikes -  Grumpy rude people, mosquitos and chaos!


Mrs Pavi - works as a Teaching Assistant in Key Stage 1 in Treefrog class.

Likes - Spending time with family, music, shopping and sweets.

Dislikes - Snakes and rude people.