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Governors Questionnaire Results

The Governors would like to thank all those parents who completed the school’s questionnaire. There were several issues raised and we hope these responses help:

How to find out about my child’s progress

  • By attending ‘Thinking Thursday’ (Maths) or Phonics Friday(Reading) – these sessions give parent/carers the opportunity to share a learning time together in the classroom. These are fun sessions at the start of the day before formal teaching sessions begin.
  • Annual Report – each March you will receive your child’s school report. Children in Year R and in Y2 will also receive a short report at the end of the academic year.
  • By attending Parent/carer’s evenings. There is one in October at the start of the school year, one in April following their Report and a Celebration evening in July.
  • By attending your child’s ‘Book Look’. This takes place each term. You will be invited into school so that your child can share their learning journey with you. We also welcome your contribution – how well do you think they’ve learned during the term?
  • By attending Celebration Assemblies – Autumn/Harvest assembly and Spring/Easter assembly
  • By attending curriculum information sessions – ie Reading workshops
  • By phoning/emailing your child’s class teacher if you have a concern or question or want some advice on how to support your child at home.
  • Home/School contact book
  • The school encourages you to make an appointment at any time if you have any concerns or if you would like to check their progress. We wish to work in partnership with parent/carers and feel that parents should also initiate consultations – at a time when they need support, not just at designated times in the school year.

Morning routines:

  • The school day at Lyndhurst starts at 8.55 am. However, we have been working hard to have an ‘open door’ approach where parents are encouraged to come into school and feel part of our community. We therefore open our doors at 8.45. We ask parents to leave by 8.55am.
  • Children arriving after 8.55am are marked in the register as late
  • On Thursdays and Fridays parents are invited to stay in school until 9.15am and then asked to leave via the main reception entrance. Class doors should be shut at the usual time.
  • Gates at both sides are shut and an adult is on duty at both exits until 9.00am.
  • It is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their child is ‘handed over’ into their classroom, not to walk into school by themselves
  • Now children in the huts/main school are not allowed to go outside or cross the playground until the gates are shut – this was in direct response to an issue raised.by a parent.

Breakfast Club, Clubs and After School Child Care

  • Our Breakfast Club runs for Lyndhurst children from 7.45am to 8.55am each school day. Some children come for the whole session and some children come for parts of sessions. Our Breakfast club is very popular and well attended
  • Two years ago parents were asked if they would use an After School Child Care service. There was insufficient interest. Therefore we took the decision to provide morning childcare only but ‘signpost’ parent/carers to Downsbrook After School Club. This provider picks up from school at 3pm and parents collect their children from Downsbrook. Information can be found on their website or from our office.
  • We are proud that we provide 17 after school clubs per week. These provide our children with a wide range of activities that help to develop new skills in a fun way.
  • Holiday clubs are something that we consider each holiday. Last year we ran a successful football event. Unfortunately, we often have vital building/decorating work done in the holidays but if a provider approached us we would try to accommodate them if at all possible.