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At Lyndhurst Infant School we follow the national curriculum guidance appropriate for your child’s stage of learning.

When your child starts school in the Reception class they follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

 In Years 1 and 2 your child will  work within 'Key Stage 1' of the National curriculum.

Details of the National Curriculum can be found in the 'Parents Guide to the New Curriculum' section of the website.

Staff plan a curriculum that suits the needs of their children and this is an ongoing process as no two classes are ever the same! Each term, classes follow a curriculum that is planned under one or several ‘themes’ or ‘topics’. We believe that children learn best through first hand experiences so we try to visit places of interest and purpose, and invite visitors into school. This helps to create real experiences for the children and also gives them an understanding of how their skills could be used in real life jobs.

Some curriculum areas are sometimes taught as discrete subjects but often subjects are taught all together as a more creative approach. We also expect your child to contribute to their learning by suggesting ways to develop topics, completing independent research and by contributing learning from home.

The long term plans give you a rough guide to the themes each year group follows across a year.

Year 1 Long term plan

Year 2 Long term plan

We use a scheme for RE lessons, details of which can be found below:

Lyndhurst RE planning

West Sussex Agreed Syllabus for RE


Although we don't follow a scheme, we use numicon for teaching maths. Details can be found on their website below.



For more detail about the learning journeys, please look at the year group's page, under the 'Year Groups' icon, where you will find the parent newsletters.


Curriculum Statement


The Lyndhurst Curriculum is based on our 3 values. Click on the link below to find out more:

Learning for Ourselves

We Can