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Book Week

Book Week - March 2015

On Monday 23rd March the children came to school to find their book corners had been locked away!


"How will we read books?" cried the children!


The children were asked how they felt about the books being taken away. The year 2 and 3 children had a debate to decide if it was a good idea or not!

The children then went to assembly where a special visitor came and read their favourite book...

Jump Start Jonny!!


He read 'Green eggs and ham' by Dr Seuss.

He even signed his copy and left it as a gift for us to read.


The children in year R and 1 explored phonics in a special workshop in the hall.


Hockey Phonics                                                Digging for letters 



Lucky Dip                                                             Hook a duck


Lollypop letters                          


On Tuesday David Stephens, a local actor who specialises in telling stories, came and told the children a fabulous story about a King and his Big, Orange and Spotty Ears. The children were mesmerised by his performance and thought his story was marvellous! We would like to say a big Thank you to David for his time!


And its only Tuesday...!